I offer a variety of spiritual and healing modalities including- RITUAL, DIVINATION, and SOUND

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A ritual is a series and/or combination of actions and words that help to create meaning and focus energy on something.  A ritual has to have a purpose and a ritual that works necessarily creates some type of change in your life- be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  Doing ritual is one of the best ways for healing to happen because it engages all of our senses.  Ritual is apprehended through the body and during ritual we have the opportunity to participate with other worlds.  The body becomes a portal through which we contact and co-create relationships, healing, and possibility with these other realms.  As a guide and priestess I will assist you in recognizing the type of ritual that will be most beneficial for you in this moment on your life journey.  I offer support as you plan your ritual and if desired can be present in person to share in this special occasion through deep witnessing and participation when necessary. Part of ritual is learning to communicate your needs to the beings that reside in the Otherworlds and in your Inner worlds. As a spirit mediator I will help you do this and teach you how to start a dialogue with them so that you can continueto develop, navigate, and nourish those relationships.



Why do divination?  Divinations are done when there is a need, pureand simple. Divination has been used by many traditions throughout human history in order to live in harmony with nature, each other, and with the Otherworlds.  Divination provides the means to quest for answers to very real issues that occur in life- big concerns, mundane happenings, and everything in between. It can also help us to get a better picture of the powers, ancestors, spirits, and elements that are at work in any given situation.  As humans we are always growing and changing, often, divination can help clarify issues in which we are stuck or offer guidance on the next steps along the path you are traveling.  Divination is a way to set things right by creating transformation and bringing balance into your life by forming ongoing relationships with Otherworlds.

My spiritual practice draws on various forms of spiritual traditions including Paganism, Witchcraft, Celtic spirituality, and West African practices. I have been initiated as a kontomble voice diviner by elder Malidoma Some, of the Dagara people in Burkina Faso. Who are the kontomble?  Kontomble is a Dagara term for the elemental beings known throughout the world and called by many different names such as the fair folk, duende, nymphs, and so forth.  They are the beings that stand at the ancestors' backs to wake us up into remembering our purpose on this planet. Before coming to know these beings called kontomble I held a special relationship with beings that I called faery.  Then, worlds and cosmologies collided in my life and I came to understand that these beings are the same!  I am also currently an apprentice in The House of Brigh Faery Seership training with Orion Foxwood, who is a Conjurer, Traditional Witch, Alexandrian Wiccan High Priest, and Faery Seer.  Simply put, Kontomble and Faery are the beings and spirits that I work with when doing divination and ritual.

During a kontomble voice divination I ask the kontomble to merge with me in order to bring their wisdom into this world.  If desired, I can start off the divination session with a card reading from The Faeries' Oracle card deck.

Sound Healing Therapies

It can be said that the universe is sound or that everything in existence is sound vibration made manifest.  Many cultures worldwide believe that the universe was created through sound.  As such, we humans are vibrational beings and can sometimes become “out of tune” or “out of harmony” with the cosmos.  Sound healing can bring well-being and harmony into your life by helping to shift your consciousness and awareness.  Sound healing sessions use healing therapies such as tuning forks and singing bowls to bring peace into your life and more consciousness toward your process and current life circumstance. 

Sound Healing Modalities: toning, chanting, singing, guided imagery and music, tuning fork therapy, singing bowl therapy, medicine melody sound ritual session, sound & crystal healing session, and sound & tarot session.


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