A Year and (Two) Days

      It's literally been a year and two days since I've posted anything to this blog. I've started writing pieces to post several times and then just lost momentum. To be fair, I have been working on my dissertation proposal and that's taken up a lot of my psychic writing space. But, I think it's time to share that psychic space with other magical bits that want to be written. I've written several poem-reflections this past year and will be posting them in the upcoming weeks. I've also written an entry on anointing and Mary Magdalene that I will post in the next few days. 
          In Wiccan traditions it's common to wait a year and a day for initiations to occur. It's the seasoning period in which the practitioner has time for all that is learned to seep into their bones and really practice their craft. This tradition is based on the fact that a spouse had to be wed for at least a year and a day in order to inherit property if their spouse died. This was the case is some places like Scotland, England and Ireland. The contemporary idea that a year and a day is a sort of trial period in a handfasting, to see if the couple wants to stay married, is based on fiction and historical novels. Nevertheless, a year and a day is firmly rooted in the imagination of modern neo-pagan traditions.
          Anyway, with this detour into arcane and contemporary marriage customs I am calling to me a year and a day of fruitful writing! May my year and two days of written silence (on this blog!) have made the hidden depths of my mind and soul a fertile place for creative spirits to play... May they help release the word-hoard within! May the word-hoard also spill forth into my dissertation writing! So Mote it Be!