Some call it madness
But I know what it really is- 
We are Chosen, kissed by the moon, you and I. 

Feeling shadows wrought by human greed and arrogance
Opens a gash in my belly.
Red spills onto soil until I am drained,
creating a desert in my heart.
Black crow cries at unbalance, whale mourns the loss.
Snake waits patiently for the right time to slip out of skin.

Dry barrenness and thirst mirrored in the eyes of countless women passing.
Thirst so deep that it was felt by my mother and her mother and her mother's mother before her. 
Thirst felt by First Mother as she looked to the sky,
starry eyes of her ancestors 
praying for guidance and safe-keeping, longing for home and tribe.

Moon-kissed child feels the thirst bone deep, water deep
Flowing through blood and lodging in flesh, in movement, in breath, in sound.
This thirst is not satisfied by blood spilled in violence and death.
Only life sates this thirst.
The living waters of spirit pour through me
A nourishing stream.
Falling from eyes.
Falling from mouth.
Falling from womb.
Carrying memories of Love,
memories of fecund soil and warmth.

From this water-memory, worlds arise, barrenness recedes
Begging us to remember, dream, sing, and dance 
New possibility into becoming.
Blessings to the moon-kissed children.