Wildish.  Kind of wild.  Kind of civilized.  Somewhere in between.  Between worlds.  Between this world and the otherworlds.  Between being and becoming.  Between order and chaos. 

There is something to be said for the liminal state which is neither this nor that, yet holds elements of both.  This is precisely the state that we find ourselves in as humans.  We are spirit beings and yet we are also made up of blood, bone, and flesh.  This website was born out of the inquiry, “how do you follow the desires of both body and spirit”?  This is a question that is ongoing and alive for me and I have no fast and sure answers.  As humans (and even non-humans) we are engaged in this dance.  As we move in the world and as we move through life we discover pieces of our self.  I have come to realize that if we are doing spiritual work, these pieces reveal our authentic nature, our primal and raw self.  We are of nature, we are nature, and yet we also stand apart from nature (or at least we sometimes think we do).  When we are able to grasp at heart our wild(ish) nature we can stand firm in our power.  This is our authentic face, our true self, with no masks. 

Coming home to our true self means delving into the wounding caused by the illusion and false sense of separation that we feel- from all parts of our self, each other, other beings, the earth body, the cosmos, and Spirit.  The journey home is the road to healing and it comes by tapping into the power source that gives us authority, that empowers us to be exactly who and what we are, without apology, without hiding. This is true power, this is our soul song, calling us to remember our self in its most truest and fullest form, light and shadow entwined, a chiaroscuro portrait rendered in breathtaking beauty.  

There is a longing for home, a desire to remember who and what we are that is starting to awaken in humanity during this time.  Let us remember together.  Let us explore the farthest reaches of our desire and longing to see what we find there, what it has to teach us about home and belonging.  I have the suspicion that we will find we are already home, all we have to do is listen to that quiet inner voice that is always there, sometimes a shiver of a whisper behind the ear and at other times a raging tempest in the heart, leading us to remember and reconnect with our wildish soul song.